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Stephanie Pion started her styling career in Gainesville, FL, 14 years ago.  She moved to Colorado in 2013 and has continued with what she loves to do. Stephanie is an exclusive Davines product user. She uses the hair color and products in her everyday practices. Keeping her education up to date has always been a focus through her career. She has done that throughout  continuing education with Davines, Aveda Institute, Vidal Sassoon Academy ABC’s of haircutting, YOSH Haircutting Education class and various other educational professions. She continues to further as a salontrepreneur by keeping herself inspired. Stephanie is always looking for new business practices and as such has excelled as a skilled stylist, as well as becoming an educator for Davines Color and a professional photographer. Connecting color, art, light, and shape in both hair styling and photography, Stephanie combines two creative perspectives in and out of the salon. Stephanie is inspired by everything around passion for the beauty industry shows through her art.  She loves being creative as well as technical when it comes to styling beautiful hair. She is a passionate craft hairstylist. A love for art and this graft goes soul deep. She comes from a family of talented and passionate hairstylists. Her grandmother Nadia started in this artistic vision. Stephanie’s mother Karen attended school after she and her brother. Stephanie once again realized this incredible gift she has given and that it was deep rooted.

Following her dream to be a  salon owner and grow as a respected stylist in her community, she strives to retain strong relationships with her clientele. She continues to educate herself and those around her by keeping an open mind and challenges herself daily by producing unique results based on client’s requests.

We must keep ourselves inspired so that we inspire others
— Stephanie Pion

Meet Stephanie: Creating Smiles Everyday

Stephanie Pion lives by the motto: “I want to create a certain comfort for people while creating and inspiring at the same time.”

Written on the back of Stephanie Pion’s business cards are the words, “Connect. Smile. Create.” A person that believes a smile can change a person’s world in a second, Stephanie not only creates beautiful looks, but her positive perspective on life creates a beautiful atmosphere around her.

Initially, Stephanie got interested in the beauty industry when she got involved with skincare. At a point in her life when she didn’t know what she wanted to do, Stephanie was approached by a lady that owned a spa and was invited by her to get a free facial. Enjoying such a calming atmosphere, Stephanie decided to get her license for skin care before moving to Gainesville, FL. Being very family oriented, Stephanie wanted to move closer to her brother who was working as a stylist at the time

“My brother pushed me to go into styling,” says Stephanie. “For as much as I enjoyed skin, he thought I would like hair as well and, even if I didn’t like it, he made the good point that I could always go back to doing skin.”

So, Stephanie set out to start her career as a hair stylist at BLY’s Cosmetology School. As she was going to school, Stephanie also worked as the salon coordinator and makeup artist.

“I learned so much,” says Stephanie. “Being a manager taught me how to be professional and how to be more understanding and view things in a different way.”

And, as a bonus, along with getting management skills, Stephanie was able to practice her trade in skincare and complete her education. What Stephanie didn’t expect, was how much she would love what she was doing.

“In the first week of cosmetology school, I fell in love with hair,” says Stephanie. “I loved that it was a way to make people happy and allowed me to be a day maker.”

After school, Stephanie became an apprentice for her brother. Not only was she familiar with the salon, having worked at the front, but it was a big salon that offered a great education program. Continuing to grow her career, in 2008, Stephanie and her brother decided to open their own salon.

“We wanted to make a change and create a culture that we believed in and that others could believe in as well,” says Stephanie. “It allowed us to educate others and gave us a challenge that we could progress our careers with.”

As an up and coming stylist, Stephanie’s main goal was to learn how to consult with and listen to her clients.

“I grew up listening to my clients,” says Stephanie. “I’ve heard so many stories and it’s taught me to be observant and to be a kind person. You never know what people are going through and you never know when people need kindness in their lives. I want to be the best I can and give a great experience.”

Now, a stylist with 14 years of experience, Stephanie applies the motto: “create a certain comfort for people while creating and inspiring at the same time” to her life.

Much like the words written on the back of her business card, Stephanie believes that styling is a collaboration between two people and seeks to make all of what she likes to refer to as “guests” in her chair feel comfortable.

“I want people to be inspired by what I create and I want to be inspired by the guest in my chair,” says Stephanie. “It’s a giving relationship between the stylist and the guest and I believe making someone’s day is the greatest satisfaction. Hair is such a personal thing and people can have so many bad experiences with haircuts. I want my guests to feel like they can tell me what they like and don’t.”

True to her kind, caring lifestyle, if Stephanie could have a career doing anything else, she would be a photographer, interior designer or ultrasound tech.

“I love working in happy careers, helping people and sharing beauty,” says Stephanie. “I would be attracted to being an ultrasound tech because I think that having someone that cares in a sterile environment creates warmth for a person needs warmth in their life.”

In her own life, Stephanie has found a personal happiness with raising her new son in Boulder, CO. Hoping to continue her career in her new home, Stephanie started looking for a professional salon that had genuine people who loved what they were doing. She was referred to the West End Salon and, soon after, brought her styling knowledge and team-oriented perspective to the West End Salon.

“I believe this is where I want to be,” says Stephanie. “I feel there is an energy that resides here and I want to be a part of it. West End Salon is a beautiful place that offers new opportunities, a positive energy and is team oriented.”