JULIA - Stylist

Julia blue
Julia Hair Stylist at Boudler's West End Salon
We are so excited to have Julia as our fourth apprentice since we started our apprentice program almost four years ago. Julia first came to West End Salon when she was still in cosmetology school. She worked a couple of days a week as an intern, learning about the salon environment and helping out stylists and the front desk staff. Much to our excitement, a year later, Julia decided to be apart of our apprentice program. She received her license in the summer of 2017 and promptly began working with one of our master stylists, Alex. Julia is truly a shinning star. She has a delightful personality, is extremely hard working, dedicated to her education and professional beyond her years. We can’t wait to see how Julia grows during and after her program.

Can’t wait to get in with Julia? Call to become a model for free while Julia learns new services, or get in at very introductory rates with services she is perfecting.