JOSHUA - Stylist

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Joshua Lorenzen is a young new talent budding into the hair salon scene.  He trained under the renowned stylist Thomas Obershaw, and has become a prominent fixture in fashion shows and hair shows nationwide.  His specialties include men’s cuts, and trendy but natural styling and color.  Joshua grew up in Loveland, and is a well rounded, fun personality in the salon.  He is your weekend socialite, mixed with video gamer, lover of the outdoors and avid rock-climber.  Joshua is a jokester and will have you cracking up in no time.  Anyone who leaves his chair feels beautiful, confident, and like you just had a laughter-ab-workout!


Meet Josh: Customizing Great Looks

Propelled by “a just do it” mentality and inspired by the mindset that everything, success or failure, allows for learning and growth, has made Joshua Lorenzo the successful stylist and entrepreneur he is today.

Though initially unsure about what career he wanted to pursue, Josh knew that he wanted to learn a trade. He wanted to have a skill that he could take with him anywhere and provided daily enjoyment. By chance, Josh was introduced to his future career when a mutual friend and then West End Salon stylist, Thomas Obershaw, approached him about becoming an apprentice. This ideal partnership would teach Josh a trade and help Thomas cater to more clients, while also giving Thomas, who had a passion for teaching, the opportunity to start mentoring again.

“The apprenticeship sparked my interest in doing hair,” said Josh, “and I decided to take Thomas up on his offer.”

So, as Josh attended the Academy of Cosmetology Arts in Denver, he also worked at the West End Salon as an apprentice for Thomas.

“It was great because I got in-salon experience while I was still in school and I was able to start building a clientele,” said Josh. “When I graduated and got my license, I got my chair and already had clients. It felt good that I was able to contribute to the salon so early out of school.”

After getting his license, Josh also worked for ION, where he attended trade shows and learned to master color. Though Josh had a strong background in color, his true love always went back to cutting.

“I love being able to transform the cut,” said Josh. “I like all the detailing that goes into it and how good detailing can make the haircut come to life. I want each cut to have a style to it, I never want them to be generic.”

Always jumping on education opportunities, Josh pursued a new cutting technique, Deva Curl. In 2012, Josh became certified in this special technique for cutting curly hair.

“I like the free-form aspect of it and how it can transform people’s attitudes,” said Josh. “People with curly hair come in very skeptical at first and leave the salon, in a way changed; they don’t want to get rid of their curls anymore, they want to embrace them. They leave excited and positive about their curly hair.”

With Josh’s knowledge in advanced cutting techniques and background in color, he is one of the strongest stylists at the West End Salon. It is not only a place that has fostered the growth of a young apprentice into an established stylist but also somewhere that encourages individual expression.

“I love it at the West End Salon,” said Josh. “The atmosphere is laid back, but still with a high-end salon feel. You are able to express yourself in your own way.”

As Josh has grown his business, he has learned the importance of having confidence in his work and taking pride in a job well done.

“My goal is to never put something out there that I don’t like,” said Josh. “I love creating and want to take satisfaction in my work because it’s cool to express your work to the world.”

And, while Josh knows it takes time and education to constantly improve, he is always looking to be better than he was the day before.

“I’m adopting the mentality more and more that you have to take opportunities as they come,” said Josh. “This is your only life, so you can’t think twice. You have to just do it, because, even if it turns out bad, you can still learn and grow from it.”

One of the opportunities Josh took was to become the boss of his own business and start renting his own booth at the West End Salon.

Having an entrepreneurial and creative mindset, Josh also started his own business designing hats in the summer of 2013.

“I would wear the hats I made and people started complimenting and asking me where they could find the hat I was wearing,” said Josh. “The positive feedback was exciting and it inspired me to start designing more.”

Now, Josh produces nine different designs in varying colors and, as he looks towards his future, Josh hopes to grow his hat business into a brand.

“It’s exciting to brand,” said Josh. “I want to develop a logo that can be put on everything. It’s rewarding when someone recognizes my logo. It’s something I built from nothing and has grown over time.”

One thing for certain, is, whether a hairstyle or unique hat, Josh will continue to embrace new opportunities and produce creative looks that both he and his clients can take pride in.

“I love putting my work out there,” said Josh. “It’s challenging to be your own boss, but it’s rewarding. It allows you to express yourself and create something that you are proud of.”