JO - Stylist

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JO - Boulder Hair Stylist at West End Salon in Boulder, CO
From trendy to funky to functional and conservative, Jo delivers the latest looks in style and color. An inspiring stylist for 20 plus years, Jo takes pride in creating an atmosphere that is personal and professional. She builds lasting relationships with both her clientele and co-workers, as she is always eager to listen to her clients and loves feeding off of other stylist’s energy. Jo is especially excited to work with West End Salon stylists, Alex Gilbert and Casey Hebb. Early in her career, Jo worked with these two stylists and has grown to have respect for their work.

Always with a kind disposition and eagerness to meet people, Jo brings her expertise to the West End Salon. She is a well-trained colorist and has mastered all three levels of Toni&Guy’s master cutting courses. Knowing how important it is to deliver the most current techniques to her clients, Jo also looks to take every education opportunity she can.


Learn more about Jo’s story and how she became a stylist

Always with a creative mind, Jo originally looked into becoming an interior designer. After being pushed by her mom to go into hair styling, however, Jo finished high school and started pursuing a career in cosmetology.

Once she got her license, Jo worked in Connecticut before moving to Colorado where her brother was living. Her brother’s praise of Colorado’s pristine mountains and active lifestyle did not fall short and Jo made a home in Boulder.

Jo established herself as a stylist in Boulder and, after 10 years, became a master at creating looks, no matter the request.

“I like a mixture of everything,” says Jo. “I could never just do color all day and I couldn’t just do cuts.”

Not only has Jo mastered her skills as a stylist, but she is a person that loves to meet new people. In her years as a stylist, listening to her clients has become another skill that Jo practices every day.

“I love talking to people and learning about them,” says Jo. “I’ve learned that everyone has a story and I’ve learned how to have patience with my clients and listen to what they want out of their experience in my chair.”

As an up and coming stylist, Jo’s first goal was to become a master hair cutter. She quickly mastered all three levels of Toni & Guy classes but did not stop there. Today, Jo continues to look for new education opportunities wherever she can.

“Education is changing so quickly all the time,” says Jo. “I want to continue at the high level I am already at, but never want to get too comfortable. I know there are new things to learn and perfect.”

Jo now brings her expertise to the West End Salon. One of the major attractions that Jo had to the salon was West End Salon stylists, Casey Hebb, and Alex Gilbert. Jo had worked with these stylists in the early part of her career and they grew to have a mutual respect for each other’s work. Along with valuing a salon with a good reputation and professionalism, Jo also feeds off the energy of a big salon.

“I could never work alone,” says Jo. “I love to work with other people, no matter their age.  I love other people’s energy and learning from everyone around me.”