CASEY - Stylist

Casey, Hair Stylist at West End Salon Boulder, CO
Casey is San Francisco born and raised in Colorado. In 2003, she moved to Boulder County and had the opportunity to fulfill a passion she always wanted to pursue. While her kids were in high school, she enrolled and attended Antoine Du Chez cosmetology school in the Cherry Creek District in 2008.

After several years in the salon industry, she decided to take an apprenticeship position with an Aveda Lifestyle Salon. She completed Advanced Haircutting Pure Sessions in 2014 and received a Hair Color Solutions, Aveda Certification. She has had the opportunity to learn from top global creative directors. One technique she learned was enhancing hair with a natural approach with  VS. Placement. From sun-kissed highlighting/balayage (freehand hair painting) to ecliptic color that makes a strong color statement, Casey kept up with the trends in the industry and was excited to share those techniques with her clients.

Her professional opportunities include:
  • 2-year attendee at Serious Business in 2014/15.
  • Aveda Congress attendee 2015.
  • Qnity Retreat in Minneapolis 2016.
Casey truly prides herself in this philosophy, “I believe in our industry and education very deeply. For me, hair is more than a passion, it’s a constant cultivation of a willingness to learn, striving to better ourselves for each other, and our community.”