AMY - Stylist

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Spending the first part of her life as a paralegal and criminal investigator, Amy realized that working with others in a more creative environment was her true passion. As a little girl, Amy’s favorite activity was to get her hair done. Embracing change and pursuing her dream to become a hairstylist, Amy received her hair-styling license in 2003 and set out to start her new career.

At West End Salon, Amy has not only contributed her styling skills, but her unique view on making her customers feel comfortable and listened to. Spending the first part of her life as a client herself, Amy sympathizes with what it is like to be the person in the chair and has made it her top priority to listen to whoever is sitting in her chair. Amy travels to hair shows to bring back new trends and learn new techniques to share with her clients. She has mastered advanced coloring techniques such as Balayage Highlights, Ombre and is certified in Deva Curl Cut and Babe Extensions.


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Many times we are faced with the question: What would you do if you could do anything, be anybody? For the most part, this is just a question, because to make it a reality, it takes the strength to embrace change. Since change is never easy to face, most people never get the opportunity to chase their dreams and make their passion a livelihood.

Like many, the first part of Amy‘s life revolved around a job instead of a passion. It was not until she really evaluated what she loved in life, that she got the opportunity to share her passion and skills with others.

Born in California, Amy, moved to Boulder, CO, in 1979 with her mom, whose new husband was attending law school. Here, Amy started her own career and became a paralegal and investigator.

“Being a paralegal and investigator was really intense,” says Amy. “I was going to crime scenes and going into dangerous situations. Most people read about this stuff, but it was like I was living the bad part of the newspaper every day.”

After having a case that really broke her down emotionally, Amy decided to take a year of absence. In this time, Amy realized that what she really wanted was to do hair.

“I’ve always been the person that liked to get my hair done,” says Amy. “Growing up, it was my favorite thing to do. I loved dying my hair crazy colors, learning about the new product and being around people. Doing hair gave me a way to still work with people, but in more of a creative way.”

So, after getting licensed to do hair, Amy started pursuing her career as a hair stylist.

“My goal was to be really good at what I did,” says Amy. “I love cutting and I especially love color. Color can change a look so drastically. It’s so special that you get to go through that change with your client. I want people to be happy and feel like they had a great experience.”

Having spent many years as the client herself, Amy knows what it means to be in the styling chair. Because of this, Amy has a particular determination to make sure her clients always feel comfortable.

“I want them to know that I give my clients 100% of my attention,” says Amy. “I want them to know that I listen to them and that they can trust me.”

As a great listener and colorist, Amy has contributed her positive outlook on life and eagerness to improve to the atmosphere of West End Salon.

“Karma drives me,” says Amy. “I believe that what goes around comes around, so I should be as honest and truthful in life and have as much integrity as I can. I try to make a positive work environment and live by the motto that you should say hello to someone before they say hello to you. And, I make things right. If I make a mistake, I am not too scared to own up to it.”

As Amy continues to grow her business, along with cutting and advanced coloring techniques such as Balayage and Ombre, she has become certified in Deva Curl Cuts and Babe Extensions. Already advanced in several styling techniques, Amy is determined to learn more.

“My goal is to grow my business,” says Amy. “I want to continue to be educated and travel to hair shows so that I can be current and share the trends that inspire me with my clients.”