ALEX - Stylist

Alex2 min
Stylist/colorist Alex Gilbert has been making her clients look their very best for over 16 years.  Her ability to understand what a client needs has earned her a loyal yet diverse following of women and men who range from conservative business leaders and soccer moms to style mavens and youthful hipsters.  Though her own style leans to the dramatic and edgy, she can create color and cuts that satisfy her conservative clients who prefer classic, traditional looks that suit Park Avenue or Beverly Hills, as well as flattering, easy-care color and cuts that suit the busy, athletic look. “I entered the beauty business because I like making clients look and feel better than they did when they walked through our door at West End Salon,” says Alex.  “It is satisfying to make the kind of change a client wants and needs in a short time.  The right color and a precise cut can make a world of difference, and change the way a person feels about her/himself.  As a professional colorist/stylist, it is gratifying to make a positive change for my clients. Alex is constantly learning new techniques and methods to retain her fresh approach to hair styling and color.  She recently completed an advanced styling course at Bumble & Bumble NYC, and she’s certified to treat clients to the GK Smoothing method, a formaldehyde-free treatment that smooths and soothes hair with sleek, long lasting results. One of the first to be certified in Deva cutting style in Boulder over 5 yrs ago. So curly or straight, Alex can take care of all your needs.